What is a Title 24 Report

What is a title 24 report?

Title 24 report is a document generated by a qualified property energy use consultant detailing the energy use of a proposed building. Put simply, this report looks at the energy requirements of a proposed home, then compares it to that of a typical home of the same size and then reports how your home fairs out. The report details the per capita energy use compared to standard energy use requirements as prescribed by title 24 requirements. This report is generated to help new home owners put up fixtures in their houses that allow efficient use of energy.


Why you need a Title 24 report

A Title 24 report evaluates your home’s energy needs as well as the changes that can be made to ensure that you make savings on energy cost. If you are in the process of building a home, the data generated in this report can help you save a lot on energy cost. Why, well, you have the chance to address problems such as poor heat insulation, a leaking door or window.

Since a title 24 report is computer generated, it is possible to assess how alterations can affect your home’s energy needs. As a result, you can choose what windows to install or those that can be replaced if your budget does not allow a complete upgrade. For instance, some homes in the Bay Area don’t have insulation. If you have a home in this area, and you are looking to make changes, your consultant can easily tell you where to install insulation to guarantee effective use of your money.


Who benefits from a Title 24 report?



One of the benefits of a title 24 report is that it assures you as the homeowner that your house meets the minimum requirements set by the energy use standards. If you are putting up a new home, it is possible to reduce energy bills when compared to older buildings. Modern day thermostats, insulation and windows prescribed by Title 24 help to create comfortable and quieter homes.



Energy efficiency is meant to improve real estate marketability. In fact, most buyers want homes that have many windows. However, if a home with a lot of glazing does not involve efficiency measures in the provision of such windows, the law requires that window area be minimized. For that reason, the components of a Title 24 help to encourage efficiency, and that drives people to buy homes because they know that such homes offer immense energy cost savings. Experienced homebuilder know that an energy efficient home minimizes homeowner complaints, and building with the code in mind keeps builders away from litigation.


Final word

If you are new homeowner, Title 24 should be your best friend. Not only will you get the best in home fixtures, but you will also be able to make energy savings and your home will be much quieter! If you are not sure how to go about getting a Title 24 report, visit SoCalTitle24.com where they provide Title 24 reports with over 10 years of experience.