Luxury Dog Beds – Does Your Dog Deserve a Luxury Bed?

Dogs are no less than a family member to most dog owners, also provided with every luxury they can to their pet as they would with their children. Buying a luxury dog bed is one of the best investments you can make as a furry parent. This will provide your furry family members a plush retreat where they can sleep soundly and feel extra special. A luxury bed is not a pointless expense but a representation of your tending loving care.

Benefits of a Luxury Dog Bed

You can easily tell the difference between a luxury dog bed and a cheaper one with just one look. Not only does it look elegant, a luxury dog bed offers premium quality since every nook and cranny of it is made of select materials. This includes the exterior cover, inner padding, thread, zipper, etc.

These beds are handmade one bed at a time, ensuring each bed meets the company’s high-quality standards unlike mass produced beds. Designed with your dog’s natural instincts in mind, a luxury dog bed can endure a lot of nibbling and pawing.

In addition, fancy luxury dog beds are much easier to clean. Exterior covers are always machine-washable for easy maintenance. Fabrics won’t fade and threads won’t run. Most importantly, a luxury dog bed can help you save money and peace of mind in the end.

Likewise, giving your pet his own luxury bed prevents him from the temptation of crawling into your bed.

Styles of Luxury Dog Beds

Luxury dog beds have a huge demand in the pet market. The following are basic types of luxury dog beds.

  1. Bone shaped luxury dog bed
  2. Chaise lounge luxury dog bed
  3. Divan sized luxury dog bed
  4. Hammock luxury dog bed
  5. Heart shaped luxury dog bed
  6. Sofa luxury dog bed
  7. Tent and canopy beds
  8. Wrought iron headboards

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Luxury Bed

There are a few things to keep in mind before making a purchase.

  • Size, style, and space – The dimensions of your dog, his sleeping habits, and how much space he occupies are the three most important things that dog owners should consider. Dogs who love to sprawl would appreciate a bigger rectangular bed while those who love to snuggle would love a perfectly sized bed.
  • Aesthetics – Aesthetics is a crucial consideration, especially for dog owners who want functionality to go along with the theme of a room. For the same reason, designers and manufacturers offer a plethora of luxury dog beds to make you and your pet happy. Your dog can have a fully furnished bed complete with upholstery and cushioning that will also match your décor. If your dog always slobbers, choose colors that conceal drool as well as fur shedding.
  • Material – A luxury dog bed with additional orthopedic features would greatly benefit senior dogs and tiny breeds. It is also important to check how your dogs would react to iron or wood.
  • Cost – Luxury dog beds are always a little pricier, considering it improves the quality life of your pet. However, it is all worth it knowing that your beloved dog is dreaming about chasing squirrels with utmost comfort.