Keep Your Dog from Dominating Your Life

While your dog might be trying to dominate you by going out the door first, not listening to you, or just flat out ignoring whatever you tell him to do you need to reestablish your dominance over your dog. The first thing that you need to understand is that your dog will be looking for a pack leader and you need to make sure that he sees you as that pack leader. Without him being able to view you as the pack leader then you will not be anything else than another dog in the pack to him.

While a power vacuum can create a problem with your dog trying to dominate you then you will need to fill that vacuum. While you will need to probably get a dog obedience trained that is trying to dominate you some simple steps are available to help you out at home.

dog running

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The first simple step that you can do to reestablish your pack leader mentality to your dog would be to make him wait. Now, this may seem kind of odd to make your dog wait and you might not understand what I mean, but by making your dog wait you will start to tell him that he is going when you want him to go. To have him start to wait you will need to have doorways in your home to rooms and the house itself. You will have him on his leash and then you will have him wait by your side. Then you will go out the entrance first with your dog still standing in the same place. If he starts to follow you out the entrance then you start over again until he stops going at the same time as you.

If your dog is not listening to you then you have a little bit more of a challenge and that will require some more professional help with a trainer. Sometimes you might be able to talk with your vet about how to get your dog to listen to you, but they will typically refer you to an obedience training program. Some of the simple steps that you can manage to help get your dog to listen though would be to take him to class, make him sit and look at you. By sitting and looking at you at your command you are starting to establish that he needs to look at you as the pack leader.

While training your dog that does not listen very well can be a challenge you need to establish dominance. Even the most stubborn dog around will listen to the pack leader because of the fear of being kicked out of the pack. While you will want to get your dog trained a dog that does not listen to you or does not see you as a pack leader will need to have some form of training.