How to Keep Toilets from Clogging & Prevent Tree Root Growth in Sewer Pipes

Toilets clog for many reasons. One common cause of plugged toilets and clogged sewer lines is that tree and plant roots grow in and around underground plumbing and sewers. Here are two handy DIY ways to keep tree roots from clogging the sewer.

Why do tree roots clog sewer pipes? Because the human waste flushing through the sewer and drain pipes acts as a natural fertilizer, Even if you have no trees near your house, tree roots spread long and far under the ground. How to tree roots get into sewer and drain pipes? Tree roots can grow through tiny cracks in pipes. If you have copper or PVC plumbing, this is less likely to occur, but many older homes have the old clay pipes running underground.

Rock Salt: Pour one cup of rock salt down the toilet and flush the drain and sewer pipes every 1-2 months. This method was recommended to us by a plumber. Rock salt will kill tree roots that grow in an around sewer pipes. The rock salt method of keeping roots from clogging sewer pipes costs less and is greener for the environment. Rock salt is less effective than the second method. Rock salt sometimes doesn’t dissolve completely in the cold water of the toilet and will build up in the tank.

Copper Sulfate: Copper Sulfate is more toxic and costs around $12-$20 per treatment of the toilet plumbing. If you are looking for the best plumbers in Fontana definitely contact Copper Sulfate is very effective at killing tree roots, keeping sewer and plumbing pipes running effectively and preventing clogged toilets. Copper Sulfate is available from home maintenance departments and retailers. It is generally found in the plumbing section. Caution should be used when using and storing copper sulfate. Directions for use are clearly marked on the copper sulfate packaging.

We have used both methods and in general, we prefer the copper sulfate. It is more costly, but generally more effective. For more information about home maintenance and repair,

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