Bike Shoes for Wide Feet

The art of cycling doesn’t only require strength, stamina and balance from the entire cyclist’s body but also an ample amount of grip from their feet to turn the pedals round smoothly. To do this, cyclists are known to wear cycling shoes that provide them with much-needed comfort for their soles and also maximum control of the pedals through their feet. The point is to make cycling less straining on the muscles and provide arc support to the feet. For wider feet, it is helpful to purchase wide cycling shoes that are specifically designed to suit them. Let’s talk about the benefits wide cycling shoes can provide.

Wide Feet Comfort

Wide cycling shoes are specifically designed in such a way that the feet are properly in sync with the shoes. Wide feet may suffer discomfort from regular shoes being too skinny in the forefeet area, making it claustrophobic for the feet. The build of wide cycling shoes is designed to make them much more comfortable for people with broader feet.


Pedal Energy Maximized

When buying bike shoes for wide feet, it is always necessary to keep the fit in check. Ideal wide feet cycling shoes will give you much better balance due to the fit of the shoes with your feet that would allow distribution of the pedaling force ideally without any loss of energy. The amount of pressure that is applied during pedaling, specifically on the front part of the feet is crucial during cycling. Wide cycling shoes provide with a greater surface area for the force from the forefoot to work on, making the pedaling highly effective.

The Wellbeing of the Foot

While cycling (or even jogging or running), the pressure released from the forefoot may even lead to an extended pain in the back or hip area given that the foot is in some way not working properly. Since wide feet cycling shoes distribute pressure over a larger surface area, any disruptions caused from the problem in the feet will be lessened, leading to a less probable mid back-pain and also further less damaging of the foot.

There are a number of wide cycling shoes designed for larger feet, here are two particularly good ones:

The Shimano SH-M200

Designed heavily with extra cushioned nylon insole and synthetic carbon to make sure you have a great pedal stroke. Absolute comfortability, and a dual density insole which it comes with keep the fit sleek and comfortable.

The Lake CX160-X

These wide cycling shoes are made of leather and also has added breathable mesh so that the air is constantly in contact with the feet. The nylon sole drivers it is engineered with help to obtain maximum pedal strength with little pressure applied, making it ideal.


Regularly it is seen that wide footed people have been unknowingly wearing the wrong shoes. it is evident that the shoes specifically designed for their feet would bring them better results. The smart build of wide feet cycling shoes helps the wide footed cyclist to achieve maximum efficiency with much less effort.