At Home Dog Grooming Guide

Your dogs grooming needs will vary by breed. Some breeds require monthly haircuts and daily brushing while other dogs require a shampoo and regular nail clipping. If you have fallen in love with a breed that requires grooming you already know that grooming can be expensive. Here is your at home guide to basic dog grooming. Now you can keep your dog looking great in between grooming appointments.

White Dogs

Dogs with white fur have extra grooming issues that can cause frustration for many owners. White dogs such has Poodles Bichons have yellowing problems with their fur and yucky tear stained eyes. There is a simple solution for each of these grooming issues.

Angel Eyes

The tearing around your pets eyes is called Epiphora. While not in it’s self harmful the Epiphors is a breeding ground for bacteria. The odor that can accompany Epiphora is from the bacteria growing around your dogs eyes and mouth. Angel Eyes is a food additive that stops the staining from happening internally. Angel Eyes is safer than using wipes or peroxide these harsh chemicals can cause additional eye irritation or worse.

Bright Magic

Even breeds that are not all white can become yellowed and dingy. I have a Rat Terrier whose coat yellows quite easily. Every other week I shampoo her with Bright Magic and she looks great. The Bright Magic helps whiten her coat and leaves her fur soft and condition.

Allergic/Sensitive Dogs

Just like people dogs can have allergies or sensitive skin. I had a Jack Russell that would get “hot spots” from almost any soap or anytime he played outside. After using medicines recommended by the vet that had nasty side effects I went in search of some products that would help his allergies without medicines. I was pleased to find two great products.

Itchy Dog by Bobbi Panter

Itchy Dog is an all natural shampoo from Bobbi Panter. The Itchy Dog Shampoo has Tea Tree Oil, Flaxseed Oil, and Oatmeal to help relieve itching and hot spots. I love that the shampoo helped reduce his allergies and smells great!

Hot Spot’s All Natural Pet Balm

On the rare occasions that the Itchy Dog did not completely control our Jack’s allergies I used Hot Spot’s All Natural Pet Balm. The balm is made with Shea Butter and Tea Tree Oil to help sooth the hot spot’s. The Hot Spot’s Balm also includes other essential oils that help fight bacteria, fungus, parasites that can cause additional problems. I kept a jar in my purse so that I always had some handy if Oliver developed any hot spot’s while we were out and about.

Clean teeth and Fresh Breath

The number one cause of bad breath in dogs is decaying teeth. You can avoid decaying teeth by weekly brushing your dogs teeth and by using Plaque Off. Avoid expensive teeth cleaning or health problems by feeding your dog a high quality food, brushing their teeth, and adding Plaque Off to their water.

Plaque Off

Plaque Off is a liquid that you add to your pet’s water bowl everyday. The unique formula eliminates plaque and aids the G.I. Tract. Even if your pet already has a build up of plaque and tarter Plaque Off will help. The same Jack Russell I mentioned above also had nasty teeth and horrible breath when we first got him. We started adding Plaque Off to his water and within days you could see results and smell the results. The great thing about Plaque Off is that it works for my cats also! Plaque Off also has the added benefits of reduce rectal odors, reduced fecal odor, and your grass while stay green. What more could you ask for!!

Triple Head Toothbrush

The triple head tooth brush surrounds your dog’s teeth and cleans all three sides at once. You can reduce the time it takes you to brush your dogs teeth and because of the surrounding head the brush slips less. Cain and Able also have a great all natural dog toothpaste made with Vanilla and Tea tree Oil. Regular teeth brushing keeps your dogs gums healthy.

How to brush your dogs teeth:

1) Don’t use a human tooth brush the bristles are to harsh and you may damage your dogs gums.

2) Don’t use human toothpaste, your dog can not rinse and spit! You will need a toothpaste that is formulated for swallowing and doesn’t foam.

3) Before starting get your dog used to the toothpaste by offering it as a treat. That way when you go to begin your regular teeth brushing the dog has one less thing to “worry” about.

4) Push the toothpaste down into the brush and fill the brush head completely.

5) With leash attached back your dog into a corner, he will be less likely to escape. Step on the leash leaving a little slack this will free up your hands.

6) Relax and gently pry your dogs mouth open. Do not yell or get upset, it may take a few tries before you successfully brush your dog’s teeth.

7) When complete you can give a release command and step off the leash.

Long and Smooth Haired Dogs

I give credit to anyone who can keep a long or smooth haired dog looking great. For those of us struggling with our long haired dogs I have found a few products that I can’t live without!

Bamboo Care Slicker/Bristle Brush

Bamboo Care has a 4 in 1 grooming brush. The slicker removed tangles and debris, the bristle side smooths the coat and adds shine, the fine tooth comb removes mats, and the flea comb can be used around the face and eyes. The brush comes in two different sizes one for small dogs and one for larger dogs. All the pieces store inside the comb so you never have to worry about losing pieces.

Snarly Dog by Bobbi Panter

I have used leave-in conditioner on my own long hair for years. Now there is a leave-in conditioner for dogs. Sarly Dogs from Bobbi Panter is a conditioning spray made with Macadamia Nut Oil. The oil nourishes and detangles the hair while leaving a nice sheen to the coat. The conditioner can even be used on dogs with sensitive skin.

Dog grooming tips:

*Every dog requires regular brushing, regardless of coat type.
*Avoid the dogs face when shampooing and rinsing.
*Keep bath or grooming time pleasant with lots of treats and love.
*Keep the dogs nails trimmed, use a dog clipper only.
*Check the dogs ears. The ears should be clean and pink with no odor. If the ear needs cleaning cover a cotton ball with mineral oil and gently rub the ear. Never use a q-tip!

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